For students or applicants without Greek Nationality, Security Clearance application and approval is mandatory, prior to starting their training in Greece

Before filling in this form please read the below notes**
To: Heraklion Airport

Ι kindly request the approval/renewal (circle appropriate word) of airport's entrance permit (identification card) in order to obtain access in security restricted/non security restricted (circle appropriate words) areas of the airport as an employee of CRETAN EAGLE AVIATION LTD.

Personal Information (Please fill out clearly in CAPITAL letters as shown in your Passport and/or National ID)

Marital Status
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Submitted at the Airport / Graph. Security through an employer, attached to form 611. The above application form will be submitted through the employer's representative.


** To be completed by:

- All foreign nationals regardless of whether it is an initial VAT or VAT renewal.

- Greek nationals if this is an initial application and do not have 10 years of continuous stay in Greece before submitting the application at the Airport (in the case of personnel applying security procedures) or five years of continuous stay in Greece for other categories of personnel.

- Greek nationals if they previously had an Airport entry permit and have been absent abroad for more than six (6) months before submitting the application for renewal of the DTA.


Privacy. (Law 2472/1997)

The Civil Aviation Service informs you that the declared personal data of the personnel employed at the Greek Civil Airports are collected and kept in a file.

The Airport Authority is responsible for collecting and keeping a file of personal data for State Airports. In the case of a non-State airport, a portion of personal data (criminal record and previous service data) is collected and maintained by the State Aviation Authority and a portion of personal data (other licensing data) is collected and maintained by the airport operating company to which the relevant permit has been granted. Personal Data Protection Authority for this purpose.


Purpose of processing

The purpose of the collection, processing and storage of personal data by the CAA and the body operating the airport is to assist the judicial and State security services in verifying the historical and criminal history of staff, in order to issue or not, renew or not and revoke issued an entry permit at the airport premises, in accordance with the existing regulatory framework of the ESDP on entry permits at airports.

Recipients of the data are:

The CAA through its competent services based at all airports and other aviation facilities and through the Civil Aviation Security Directorate against illegal actions, as well as: the police and other State security authorities. -the competent Judicial authorities of the Ministry of Justice for the data needed to search the copy of the criminal record.

The company operating the non-state airport for the data declared by the interested party in the relevant applications - responsible statements. Personnel requesting an initial entry permit or wishing to renew their entry permit and who do not comply with these terms of protection of personal data should not sign the application, as the signature of the application presupposes the applicant's consent to use and processing of his personal data, according to Law 2472/1997. The personal data of the personnel are kept in a file that is properly protected from unauthorized access.

The staff has the right to access their personal data and to be informed or to object to the further processing of their data based on the provisions of Law 2472/1997 as applicable.