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Commercial Pilot Licence - CPL(A)

The Commercial Pilot’s Licence - CPL(A) Course, is designed to enhance trained pilots, to a higher skill level, like accuracy, airmanship and awareness needed to successfully pass the CPL(A) Skill Test.

The CPL(A) qualifies its holder to receive lawful remuneration for flying services, which is not allowed for a PPL(A) holder and is therefore a prerequisite for a professional career in aviation.


2 - 4 Weeks


  • 10 hrs Single Engine Piston (SEP) aircraft

  • 5 hrs Multi Engine Piston (MEP) aircraft

  • 5 hours of theoretical knowledge instruction UPRT

  • 2.5 hr Skill test

Entry Requirements

  • EASA Private Pilot Licence - PPL(A)

  • CPL or ATPL
    theoretical exams completed

  • Night Rating (NR)

  • 150  hrs Total flight hrs
    (minimum 100 hrs as PIC)

  • 20 hrs flight time
    cross - country

  • 300 nm cross country flight 
    with full stop landings at
    two different aerodromes

  • 200 Total flight hrs  
    (prior to skill test)

  • EASA Medical Certificate Class 1

  • English Language Proficiency (at least ICAO/EASA Level 4)


Per request

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