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Our Fleet

Our Fleet

Single-Engine Piston Airplanes

Diamond DA-40 D

Whether you are a new aviator looking for the perfect first airplane or an experienced IFR pilot with discerning tastes, the DA40, available with a diesel JET-A1 engine, is the smart choice. The durable composite airframe, ultra low fuel burn and superb handling make the DA40 a great airplane for travel, leaseback, and training alike.


Multi-Engine Piston Airplanes

Piper PA34-200T Seneca

The Seneca is propelled by twin-engine reliability and power and the highest single-engine service ceiling in its class. It boasts a huge cabin and cockpit, extraordinary visibility, impressive cargo space, a luxurious cabin with club seating, and an aft work table. Enjoy freedom as only the Seneca provides.


Flight Simulators

Alsim AL250 (FNPT II)

The Alsim AL250 provides an unrivalled immersion on a small footprint, with up to 3 flight models and a seamless FOV of 250° x 49°.

It is the ideal device for the PPL, CPL & IR/ME ratings.

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