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VISA D (For International non-EU citizens ONLY)

The Academy will provide the non-EU applicant an attestation, when he/she fulfills the conditions for being admitted to the Academy (Invitation Letter). Then, the applicant or the authorized agent in the country of origin, should contact the nearest Greek consulate or the authorized provider in his country, for the visa application. The provider or the Greek Consulate informs which documents are needed for the issue.

The required general supporting documents for the type D visa (for Educational reasons) are:

1) Fully completed and signed application form for a long - term national visa, accompanied by a recent color photograph of the applicant conforming to ICAO standards,

2) Applicant's passport,

3) A criminal record certificate that shows the criminal status in the country of applicant's residence,

4) A medical certificate issued by a recognized state or private institution,

5) A travel insurance, with a duration equal to, at minimum, that of the visa issued, covering the costs which may arise in case of repatriation for medical reasons, for urgent medical care and/or for emergency hospital care.

6) Applicant's curriculum vitae and any person who assumes the costs of applicant's study and living in Greece, as well as any relevant evidence (annual salary attestations or six-month bank account movements, etc.)

7) Administrative fee


In addition to general supporting documents, the Academy will provide the applicant later on, with the following documents:

✓ Certified copy of the A.T.O license of the Academy,

✓ A certificate from the Academy showing the duration of the training, the date of commencement of each study program and the amount of the total tuition fees.


The competent consular authority must send immediately the above supporting documents, accompanied by a copy of the application and a photocopy of applicant's passport, to the Greek Ministry of Interior (civil protection sector), in order to carry out the necessary security checks. Upon completion of the security check and before issuing the entry visa, the consular authority will invite the applicant to have an interview and to provide them a copy of the receipt for 1/3 of the total tuition fees.


Note: For applicants with Greek citizenship, the procedure is not applicable.

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