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ATPL(A) - Modular (Individual)

The ATPL(A) MODULAR AIRLINE TRASPORT PILOT LICENSE Training package provides the complete training modules required, for a candidate with no flying experience, to meet the EASA level of proficiency necessary to operate Single Engine Piston (SEP), Single-Pilot Multi-Engine (SP/MEP) aeroplanes and to obtain the frozen Airline Transport Pilot License (fATPL).

Package summary: The complete training program is considered full-time and the duration typically lays between 16 – 18 months for candidates who shall pass their theoretical knowledge examinations and flight tests (Skill Tests) on their first attempts. Any variances in the training program duration, is to accommodate holidays and/or bad weather conditions. Upon completion of the training program the graduate will be issued with an EASA CPL/MEP/IR aeroplane license, with ATPL(A) theory credit and shall have a minimum of 231 hours of credited flight experience.

Note: The Licence will remain ‘frozen’ until 1.500 hours of Total Time and 500 hours of multi- crew time have been achieved.


16 - 18 Months


  • 750+ hrs Theory training

  • 231 hrs Flight training

  • PadPilot iBooks

  • Supplementary
    training material

  • Flight bag

  • Aircraft Manual(s)

Entry Requirements

  • Applicants must at least 16 years of age

  • Pre-Entry assessment

  • Sufficient knowledge of the English language

  • Fundamental knowledge of mathematics and physics

  • EASA Class 1 Medical Certificate

  • Additional requirements may apply (please contact CEA for further information)


Per request

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