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Airline Transport Pilot Licence - ATPL(A) Modular course

The ATPL(A) Modular course is designed to provide extensive professional flight and ground school training to future students who desire to become pilots as a profession by obtaining the frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (fATPL).


The course contains all the required by EASA training modules necessary to prepare the student to safely operate as pilot, and/or co-pilot, on multi-crew multi engine (MEP) airplanes for commercial air transport purposes.

An applicant willing to take this course shall complete all the flight instructional stages in one continuous training period of time, as formulated by the authorized training organization (ATO).


16 - 18 Months


  • 750+ hrs Theory training

  • 231 hrs Flight training

  • PadPilot iBooks

  • Supplementary
    training material

  • Flight bag

  • Aircraft Manual(s)

Entry Requirements

  • Prior to  the 1st solo the student  shall be at least 16 years of age​

  • EASA Medical Certificate Class 1

  • Fundamental knowledge of Maths and Physics

  • Sufficient knowledge of the English language


Per request

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